Ears are extremely well-designed auditory sense organ. The mechanism of hearing is well understood, but interpretation...

Sleep And Snoring

The way you breathe when you're sleeping is affected in sleep apnea. In untreated sleep apnea, breathing is briefly...
1 Sleep and Snoring disorder.
Diagnositc Check Ups And Procedures / Test / Treatments
1 Sleep analysis and check up.
2 Surgery for correction of Snoring

Balance Disorders

Balance is the outcome of the combined functioning of the visual system, vestibular system and proprioception.
1 Giddiness.
Diagnositc Check Ups And Procedures / Test / Treatments

Pediatric Ent

A wide range of problems unique to younger patients including congenital, developmental, infectious, and trauma-related...
1 Adenoidectomy.
2 Tonsils Coblator Treatment.
3 Stroboscopy

Tinnitus treatment

There are various treatment methods available for the cure of Tinnitus. Use of oral medication is one of the ways to cure Tinnitus.
1 Tinnitus Control
2 Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
3 Alternative remedies
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